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Memorial Plaques And Tribute Statues

When you pass a memorial and you see the elegant bronze statue in the center, representing some triumphant victory of a time long past, do you ever stop to read the memorial plaques? I’ve read a good number myself and I must say I am pleasantly amazed at the courage of the honored. Each story has a unique spin, with the historical relevance of the event depicted. It could be something grandiose and national, like an ode to the Civil War or a loving tribute to a town hero lost in tragic times. Either way, the cast bronze plaques are always carefully made.

History shapes the way we perceive our world. By honoring those who have changed our lives, we acknowledge a forward progression. It gives us hope to a brighter future and encourages us to be just as valiant and strong through adversity. We have to make the best of our time while we can so that generations to come can be inspired to continue changing the world. Whether it’s a big splash or a little ripple, our actions define who we are. The men and women tributed in these glorious cast statues complete with bronze plaques showed their true colors.



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Posted on: Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 at 1:03 pm

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