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Bronze Plaques For the Great Among Us

memorial plaquesThere shouldn’t be any absolutes in life. There may be status quos, and certain traditions we generally adhere to and these are good for most of us. But those special few believe themselves destined for greater futures than the ones laid out for most others. And they may bend the traditions and break from the status quo in order to do what they feel they must. And because they have trusted themselves, and followed the old Greek precept, know thyself, they have become successful. They have known it all along, what was in store for them. There is no way to bring them back to center, for they can only do it on their own.

These people are special, and they are usually rewarded with fame, or money, or a legacy that outlives them. And for this reason we should remember them with bronze plaques, as examples to the others who know they are different and have a different course to follow. It will be hard, but that the knowledge that one day it will all be worth it, and that it is all they can do, is made more easily discernible with the aid of memorial plaques.


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Posted on: Monday, October 3rd, 2011 at 4:39 pm

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